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We will reduce the time your staff spends on processing claims. You may be able to eliminate most of the staff and thus save money on health care, salary, insurance and training.

Caroline Kats, of Doctors Billing Service in San Francisco, has been doing the billing for my (4-doctor) podiatry practice for the past five years.

Low % Commission
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By using Doctors Billing Service you will be able to relax knowing that your medical claims are being managed in an efficient, timely and dedicated manner.

Lightning Fast Turnaround
Billing and Collections
  • Daily Billing

  • Paper & Electronic

  • Extensive Collection

Daily Billing

Your billing claims will be submitted daily and efficiently for a fast turnaround.

Paper and Electronic

For insurance companies that do not accept electronic billing

Complete Insurance Follow-up

Aging reports are pulled on a constant basis, and we get status updates

Extensive Collection

Our medical billing service will fulfill all your medical billing

ICD-10 Codes

The basic difference between ICD-9 codes and ICD-10 codes is their compactness

Aging & Financial Reports

A detailed month end report is always given to the physician for review

Patient Statements Mailed

As EOB’s are received patient’s are billed within 1 business day

"The National Health Care Exchange conducted a report that which concluded that physicians are spending as much as 12%
of their total revenue to get accurate reimbursement from insurance companies. Why spend 12% of your revenue
when we can provide this service at a much lower rate!

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