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About Us

About Us

Dear Medical Providers

My name is Caroline Kats, founder of Doctors Billing Service. I have an extensive medical background having managed Multi-Specialty practices in the past. I have over 20 years of experience in medical billing, so I know both sides of the spectrum and know what’s important to your practice and your patients. With my billing expertise, I will increase your cash flow, reduce your expenses and increase the profits of your practice at a low rate.

DBS is your complete resource for professional medical billing. I will manage your accounts efficiently, professionally and with an incredibly fast turnaround. I can manage your accounts whether it’s a Multi-Specialty practice, Specialist, Workers Compensation claims, Surgical claims, Medicare, etc. You can also count on my specialized Podiatric billing expertise.

My company stays up-to-date on the changes and requirements of our industry and your specialty. Get rid of the headache of hiring and training billing staff, eliminate the need of purchasing and maintaining costly software, staff payroll, medical insurance and malpractice insurance.

A medical billing company should increase your reimbursements whether you have a private or faculty practice.

DBS is the best solution for your practice. There are no hidden costs or additional charges. Our fees are below the national average. Just ask for a quote today!!!

My personal guarantee is that I will use my medical practice management experience and billing expertise to maximize your income.


Caroline Kats of DBS

Providing you with the best knowledge for the best care

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