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Why Choose Us

Why you need to outsource Doctors Medical Billing…

  1. We will reduce the time your staff spends on processing claims. You may be able to eliminate most of the staff and thus save money on health care, salary, insurance and training.

  2. DBS usually performs better than the in-house staff. We keep our staff updated on insurance regulations and codes. We are also quick to resubmit claims returned from clearing house or any denials from insurance companies.

  3. We have bigger incentives to increase collections as we are paid a percentage of the amount collected.

  4. We will save you money by reducing your cost and increasing collections of delinquent accounts.


We provide

  • High Quality

  • Competitive rates

  • Expert Billing

  • Swift Reimbursement

  • Podiatric Billing Expert for more the 18 years


To learn more about DBS please call us directly, and we can provide you the maximum revenue for your business.

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